New Shop layout & More

We've been hard at work adding tons of new miniatures and more to the shop.  Just a couple to spotlight: make sure to check out the New Sons of Mars models by ResinWarfare for some amazing roman historical sculpts, or if you need to scratch that Sci-fi itch we now have the Stormbringers by Dakkadakka.   With all the new models added the store was looking a little cluttered so we've changed the Shop Page UI a little bit.  Our shop page now shows the model makers that we are licensed to print, and from there you can drill into their...

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Way overdue update!

Well this is way overdue.  I've finally updated our miniatures offerings, adding hundreds of new models to check out and fuel your resin addiction.  Be sure to take a look at all the new goodies, and stay tuned for more in the coming days.

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New models available

Saurians, Undead, and Dwarves OH MY!    We have new models available from Lost Kingomd Miniatures. Be sure to check out the Saurian Ancients, Undying empires, and Magmhorin for these beautiful models.  

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