White Moose Cast N Play Frostlands 3d Printed Miniature
Warchest Creations

White Moose Cast N Play Frostlands 3d Printed Miniature

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3d printed resin miniature stands approximately 67mm tall (option A) & 42mm tall (option B). These Moose make the perfect accompaniment to any D&D campaign, tabletop games such as Kings of War, Warhammer or 9th Age. Alternatively they are just a fun and beautifully sculpted model to paint & display for your collection.

All prints will be provided cleaned, and cured with support materials removed although minor imperfections may be present from the support & curing process. The model will be provided as a kit that requires assembling and painting. As with any miniature kit there may be some gaps during assembly that will need filling with green stuff, milliput, or other equivalent product. As each 3D print is made to order, there may be slight variations between prints and no two will be completely identical.

We will strive to meet our shipping goals with each 3d print, however due to the processing time involved 3d prints can take up to 5 days from time of order to ship.

Warchest Creations is a licensed printer of Cast N Play models, obtained through the Patreon: www.patreon.com/castnplay